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Imperatore Collection

These four ties are  the most artistically complex and sophisticated patterns we had to deal with. The tie called Successo 'Success' is actually the very first tie we designed and took two whole months of emailing the design back and forth from Milan to California to finally come up with this one-of-a-kind work of art.
The second tie is "Il Re", The King. We wanted a tie that you could wear worldwide that would not only demonstrate a sense of regency, but at the same time show a picture of a dog, identifying you as a dog-lover anywhere you went. We wanted something sophisticated, and that was the hard part. We finally decided on a Belgian German Shepherd wearing a chain with our logo; she is depicted three times in the tie. She is subtle, but yet her presence, as well as loyalty and protective powers are unmistakenly with you.
The third tie is Il Jaguaro, "The Jaguar". The subtleties of this design are outstanding and it is a real attention getter without being loud or too colorful. We contrast in the design and the look of the powerful animal are simply commanding and we will actually be using the same framework for our ladies' silk bathrobe, which is coming out shortly after the tie collection for 2017 is complete.
The fourth and last tie in this limited collection is Carnevale di Venezia (The Venice Carnival). Having started in 1162, Carnevale, with its controversial past, finally re-emerged in 1797 where it became a canvas for artistic creations, which is what we are all about. The artistic costumes and masks were worn between the festivals of Saint Stefano (Dec 26th) and the beginning of Carnevale (Tuesday before Lent). Now, it runs from January 26th to February 12th, with people dressed in elaborate outfits and costumes, descending from all over the world to enjoy this colorful and artistic celebration.
The words ‘carne’ and ‘vale’ translate to ‘farewell to meat’, something we are all about. In preparation for the 40 days of Lent, people could not eat a number of foods, including meat. Masks became very popular in the Venetian culture and allowed both the most and least noble of people to conceal their identities as they walked the streets of that beautiful city. As masks became forbidden as a full-time habit over time, Carnevale was a time of letting go, of enjoying pleasures without judgment or criticism…as no one knew who you were. This ties lovely colors evokes images of the happiness and celebration one enjoys at Carnevale and in life.
Don't wear a tie that just makes you feel confident; wear one that demonstrates it. We hope you enjoy the top of our line as much as we do.

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$ 195.00
Successo (Success). This is the very first tie in the collection and took two months to...
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Il Re (the King). This is the tie that identifies you as a dog lover to the world, bear...
$ 195.00
Distinctively presented, this tie modestly displays the power and authority of the leop...
$ 195.00
Carnevale di Venezia (The Venice Carnival). Having started in 1162, Carnevale, with its...