Disposable Masks Kill Land Animals, Birds, and Sea Life

As you all know by now, we are all animal lovers at Antonio Stefano. We have now read various articles regarding the damage the disposable masks are doing to the environment. 

There are many avenues for concern, but the one I want to address now is the problem to animals. People are littering these masks everywhere, including at the French Riviera; they are the new trash of the world. 

Kindly consider the animals and wildlife when you do this. If nothing else, at least cut the ties as animals get caught in them and cannot escape them, leading to all kinds of problems. especially for birds. Just as COVID has found people all over the earth, these masks are affecting all types of animals, including sea life as well as the birds above, not to mention the ones on land who injest them. In addition, don't forget that the masks have that thin metal strip on the top. These will spilt open the digestive tract of certain animals, leading to an extremely painful death. If you see people you know littering with these or your children are, perhaps share these thoughts with them if you too are an animal lover. 

Here is some information on this topic you may find interesting: 





Stay healthy!!

Stefano Riznyk



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