Getting a Low Dose of The Virus May be Your Best Chance

As I previously mentioned, we may be passed the point of no return. At this stage, it may simply be a matter of time until most of the population catches the virus.  The key to surviving this or other pathogens will be how much of it you are exposed to, as stated in this article by an infectious disease doctor at the University of San Francisco:

What the article states, and is good to know is the concept of exposure quantity:

If the virus is pervasive, it may be a matter of time before you are exposed to it. If you only receive a small dose, your body will have time to create antibodies and protect you. If you receive a large dose, the body may be so overwhelmed by the attack that it cannot cope in time. 

Some people seem not to be affected by the Coronavirus and others are getting killed by it. People who have been exposed to other coronaviruses may be obtaining protection from T cells, that recall encounters with other human coronaviruses that they encountered in the past.

In summary, do everything you can to limit the amount of virus you possibly come in contact with. You cannot lose your mind over the fact that no matter what you do you will most likely come in contact with some of the virus. However, by doing everything you can to limit the quantity of the virus you come in contact with, you could create your own antibodies, and remain safe. 



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